[Ubuntu PA] Possible New NTR Project

Kevin Valentine kevin.valentine at gmail.com
Mon Sep 8 19:53:18 BST 2008

Art Alexion wrote:
> So would the image restore be done by NTR or the purchaser?  If the
> former, no need to create a clonezilla partition, just keep some live
> CDs around.  If done the purchaser, a clonezilla partition with a couple
> of scripts to automate it a bit more.  For example a script to do an
> automated restore, and possibly to update the image.  I would say the
> former would be better because IME the user will just screw up the image
> just like the working OS.

The restore will be done by the Purchaser.  The Ubuntu install and 
Windows image creation will be done by the LoCo team at first.  
Eventually that part will be passed on to an NTR employee.  Attached is 
a basic block diagram (OO Draw) of the process.

Presently, Jim and I have been going the direction of using Partimage 
for the creation/restore of the Windows image.  The grub menu will 
simply have a option to select "Restore MS Windows".  When that is 
selected, Ubuntu will do a single user boot and run a script that calls 
Partimage with the necessary parameters to restore the Windows image.  
btw, I'm not against the use of clonezilla, this just seemed like the 
easiest solution to us at the time.  In fact, we already have it mostly 
working.  Just need to do some testing.

> I like to put the image in an ext3 partition so that windows can't see
> it and the user has a harder time damaging it.
Yep, that's the plan.

> My restoration involves, if possible copying the user's Documents,
> Desktop and Favorites folders before the system restore, then replacing
> the folders in the restored partition.
This is one part I haven't put a lot thought into yet.  I like the idea 
of it but it would be tricky.  We have a very limited amount of space to 
use for backups.  We would need a way to cap the amount of storage that 
Windows reserves for its users.  The size of that cap is dictated by the 
space we have on the Linux hard drive, which ain't much.  If it's 
something that NTR wants, we may need to request a larger Linux drive.

Keep the comments and suggestions coming :)

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