[Ubuntu PA] SnapStream and MythTV

John Back johnaback at gmail.com
Fri Oct 31 00:47:42 GMT 2008

I am in the process of converting my son, an academic technologist at an
independent school in Connecticut to the power of open source in education.

He recently contacted me about what open source has to offer rather then the
SnapStream Enterprise server, see below. I thought about MythTV but I am not
familiar with it capabilities or scalability to the enterprise level.

Does anyone have any thoughts about MythTV or another open source
alternative to SnapStream? By the way I found it interesting that a Google
search of mythtv brings up a paid ad for SnapStream. Does this mean the an
open source program has more mind share then a proprietary one???


SnapStream Enterprise is powerful television search technology used by
organizations that want to put their finger on the pulse of TV. A cross
between a DVR and a search engine, SnapStream Enterprise allows your
organization to easily record and search thousands of hours of TV

One SnapStream TV search appliance can simultaneously record up to 10 TV
shows and store more than 9,000 hours of recordings. And it gives you the
ability to search within recordings, to pinpoint TV content of interest to
your organization. Then clip that content and download or burn to DVD — all
without any expensive per-clip or per-seat fees.

The Enterprise TV Server is easy to install and requires minimal upkeep. And
since the user interface is like a consumer DVR, your users won't have any
trouble using it. From their desktop PCs, SnapStream Enterprise makes it
easy for users to:

    * Record and archive TV programs
    * Search within TV recordings by keyword
    * Receive e-mail alerts when keywords appear on TV
    * Automatically sync to your iPod or iPhone
    * Watch recordings or live TV
    * Extract clips from full recordings
    * Email clips
    * Convert recordings to Windows Media or H.264
    * Burn recordings to DVD
    * Download recordings and import them into 3rd party applications
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