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On Mon, Oct 27, 2008 at 6:31 AM, Art Alexion <art.alexion at gmail.com> wrote:
> As I understand it, xen's primary benefit is paravirtualization, which you
> only get if your hardware supports it.
> I have no experience with xen, but the performance difference between qemu
> and kvm on the same hardware are dramatic. VMware on that hardware performs
> somewhere in between.
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> Art Alexion
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> On Oct 26, 2008, at 9:36 PM, brent timothy saner <brent.saner at gmail.com>
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>> John Back wrote:
>>> Bret,
>>> In reading over Steve's email I began to wonder why a person running a
>>> business would divert significant time to become the CIO working a
>>> solution to run his business using Ubuntu discussion groups.
>>> Ubuntu is an excellent product but when one starts to run Windows based
>>> business applications on top of Ubuntu the whole process can be
>>> difficult and require countless billable hours to resolve.
>>> Steve was already having problems with Windows OS and his business
>>> applications. I would posit that adding more layers of complexity
>>> including virtualization will have Steve ready to take a very long
>>> vacation.
>>> I would put this project in the category of 'No good deed shall go
>>> unpunished' and this project will drag Steve over numerous technical
>>> hurtles and probably have him bad mouthing Ubuntu for both real and
>>> imaged problems.
>>> John
>> i do concur on the point you have there, john.
>> however, virtualisation has a huge merit to it- GNU/Linux, being
>> arguably much more stable ;) is an excellent host. if the windows "box"
>> (vm) goes down, it's simply a matter of shelling into the host and
>> restarting the VM (or, if the error is unrecoverable, copying over one
>> of the vm backup images you made ahead of time ;)
>> of course there's a learning curve involved, but it's a question of
>> whether he thinks the pros outweigh the cons (a learning curve being one
>> of them in this instance).
>> i do have a suggestion. i've used vmware (for personal AND business
>> implementations) and..well, i'm not a fan of their products. i've used
>> virtualbox and fell in love immediately. however, vmware typically plays
>> with enterprise/corporate environments than vbox does. i think vbox aims
>> to be more end-user/home/small business environment.
>> that being said, Xen might be an attractive alternative to both. it cuts
>> past all the cruft (since, and someone please correct me if this is
>> inaccurate, both vmware and vbox use xen as a base) straight to the
>> heart of it.
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