[Ubuntu PA] Fwd: Ubuntu help for a business

Alex Gretlein gretlein at gmail.com
Mon Oct 27 03:28:12 GMT 2008

I can understand why Steve would want to go through all this trouble
to avoid replacing a critical application that works, but SmartSuite
and Approach have been grinding towards an eventual effective end of
life for years. The fact that IBM wouldn't bother themselves porting
it to Linux or even to Vista should have been some sort of wake up
call to the Codeweavers folks. (Although I suppose one could - and
perhaps they did - look at it the other way - with ancient, stable
Windows apps being better candidates for Wine.)
Running a VM for something as presumably central to a business as the
"main order entry system" means introducing a fair amount of
complexity and potential instability into the system, and inevitably
means headache and expense, which Steve has already experienced. When
it is for an application which has been all but abandoned and can only
run on an OS which is itself reaching a graduated end of support, it
may be the perfect time to invest in a more future-proof replacement.
Hiring a web developer to build a front end and reporting interface
around the legacy database will probably end up being more cost
effective than investing in the setup and maintenance of the VM
deployment. And it is something they will almost certainly end up
investing in eventually anyway.


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