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hey stempi!



i've worked with centos and i do so steadily at my current job. while i
> do prefer it over RHEL, it'd be sad for the (sender to the) OP as he
> already is familiar with ubuntu. do you know if debian has the
> appropriate kernel OOB? that might be a good compromise for him- he
> wouldn't need to learn a new package management system, it uses the same
> sysinternals as ubuntu, and releases more often than CentOS (am i
> correct on that? it's been a while since i used debian).

Ubuntu, if you want to use Xen, has a package you can install.  The current
8.04 server kernel for Xen (2.6.24-21-xen) works fine as far as I can tell.
I do not know about KVM.  As for Debian, http://wiki.debian.org/Xen seems to
indicate no issues.  Once again, I do not know about KVM.

> although i agree with your last point the most- if he can migrate to a
> native DB system and native reports system, that would cut past all this
> headache in the first place and he'd be a happier person in the end as a
> result and hopefully bring us muffins as a thank-you gift. (i slipped a
> bit into fantasy there, but you get the picture). do it once, do it
> right. you know? (of course you do :D you're a fellow sysadmin).

That was the only Windows application that was mentioned, but there may be
more.  Leaving any mission-critical stuff on OS's that you no longer want to
support is just bad news in the making.

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