[Ubuntu PA] Fwd: Ubuntu help for a business

James Barrett jadoba at jadoba.net
Mon Oct 27 02:25:30 GMT 2008

On Sun, Oct 26, 2008 at 10:03 PM, Brian Stempin <brian.stempin at gmail.com> wrote:
> Also, is there anyone on the list that could say a bit about KVM
> virtualization?  Perferably someone that's used it?
> **  I've never used KVM, but I did do a lot of reading and evaluated it
> before deciding to use Xen.  It just seems more intimidating than Xen, and
> the Xen graphical tools seem to be more plentiful.

KVM is a hypervisor.  It requires a CPU capable of hardware
virtualization (such as Intel's VT bit).  KVM uses QEMU as a front
end.  To the end-user, using KVM will be _exactly_ like using QEMU
except that it will be much much faster.  I do not know how anybody
can say that KVM is more intimidating than Xen after they have used
both, so give it a shot if you have the hardware.  I can say that Xen
had a much steeper learning curve for me.  Also, KVM works as a kernel
module and requires nothing like xend.


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