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brent timothy saner brent.saner at gmail.com
Mon Oct 27 01:36:21 GMT 2008

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John Back wrote:
> Bret,
> In reading over Steve's email I began to wonder why a person running a
> business would divert significant time to become the CIO working a
> solution to run his business using Ubuntu discussion groups.
> Ubuntu is an excellent product but when one starts to run Windows based
> business applications on top of Ubuntu the whole process can be
> difficult and require countless billable hours to resolve.
> Steve was already having problems with Windows OS and his business
> applications. I would posit that adding more layers of complexity
> including virtualization will have Steve ready to take a very long vacation.
> I would put this project in the category of 'No good deed shall go
> unpunished' and this project will drag Steve over numerous technical
> hurtles and probably have him bad mouthing Ubuntu for both real and
> imaged problems.
> John

i do concur on the point you have there, john.

however, virtualisation has a huge merit to it- GNU/Linux, being
arguably much more stable ;) is an excellent host. if the windows "box"
(vm) goes down, it's simply a matter of shelling into the host and
restarting the VM (or, if the error is unrecoverable, copying over one
of the vm backup images you made ahead of time ;)

of course there's a learning curve involved, but it's a question of
whether he thinks the pros outweigh the cons (a learning curve being one
of them in this instance).

i do have a suggestion. i've used vmware (for personal AND business
implementations) and..well, i'm not a fan of their products. i've used
virtualbox and fell in love immediately. however, vmware typically plays
with enterprise/corporate environments than vbox does. i think vbox aims
to be more end-user/home/small business environment.

that being said, Xen might be an attractive alternative to both. it cuts
past all the cruft (since, and someone please correct me if this is
inaccurate, both vmware and vbox use xen as a base) straight to the
heart of it.

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