[Ubuntu PA] NTR Laptop Project: distribution to testers

Kevin Valentine kevin.valentine at gmail.com
Sat Mar 1 16:30:46 GMT 2008

Instead of pushing the laptops into the thrift store prematurely, we've
decided to perform more testing.  From what I've seen so far either the
hard drives, the power supplies, or the LCDs are prone to intermittent
failures.  Testing at NTR is slowing us down.  Therefore, we have 10
laptops that are ready for you take to your home or office for testing.

For those of you that signed up on the wiki as a Global_Hacker,
Home_Hacker, or a Distributor, the time has come for you to shine!  Only
those that are listed on the wiki can participate.  If you are no longer
interested in doing this, take your name off that list or change your
task label.  Here's the link:

The laptops will be taken out from NTR in either my name or Jim
Fisher's.  We will label who/where they are going.  You can either pick
them up from NTR yourself or we will plan a trip to drop them off to you
personally.  Testing duration will be limited to approximately 2 weeks. 
The status of the laptop will entered in Jim's Google tracker spreadsheet.

Oh yeah, what and how are we testing?  Uh, let me set up a wiki page for

Any comments?  Ready, set, go!


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