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Molly Crowley mmcrowley at gmail.com
Wed Jun 25 14:29:11 BST 2008

I think I may have missed one or more emails in this series. So, I apologize
if this is repetitive.

When the NTR out reach program was first launched. I set up this Joomla site
with Community builder components as a thought for tracking the project.

It has not been touched in a while so probably needs updating, but I could
add RSS feeds, gallery components, calendar, other
administrators......basically I am happy to modify it for your use, and
transfer to whatever server you would like. It is on my development site
right now....


Another thought is:

Have you looked into the google apps suite to solve some of these issues.
Education edition is free for non-profits, and hosting is included on google
servers. There is room for several admins, and both public and private
pages, as well as docs, calendars, email etc.....

Let me know if I can be of assistance in anyway.

mmcrowley at gmail.com

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> On Sat, Jun 14, 2008 at 6:08 PM, Alex Gretlein <gretlein at gmail.com> wrote:
> > There's a Gallery module for Drupal. From the description, it appears
> > that a move to Canonical's servers would require a switch to Drupal.
> > Did I read that correctly?
> I'm pretty sure that is accurate.
> > At some level it seems to make sense that the LoCo's site should be on
> > the Canonical hosting plan, and meetlinux should redirect there or be
> > repurposed as a more general introduction to Linux site, whch could be
> > a LoCo project.
> Yes, at some level...
> > Practically speaking, though, you should go with whatever is easiest
> > and therefore the most likely to be maintained. If you ever need
> > additional help - general or particular - with this, let me know and
> > I'll pitch in.
> Indeed, which is why I'm mailing now. After some research and nudging
> others about their LoCo hosting and drawing from my experiences with
> the Ubuntu Women site on Canonical hosting, I'm going to have to
> withdrawal my proposal for using them. They might be good sometime in
> the future, but for our needs a migration to them would be very time
> consuming for us (migrating blog and gallery to drupal) and waiting
> for configuration, setup and changes that we'll need made by Canonical
> takes a very long time.
> I've put out feelers in the local VPS provider community to see if we
> can snag free hosting. I got a positive response from Linode and am
> hopeful they will be able to help us out. Tektonic is also an option
> that an employee there suggested (thanks Brent!)
> I know a lot of us run hosting ourselves, but I want to keep this a
> team maintained thing, so several people with administrative access on
> the "machine", which may prevent most possible abuses and keeps things
> appropriately maintained with less politics.
> > It would be nice if events could be announced once and replicated
> > elsewhere using a feed of some sort.
> My brain is broken here. I've been trying to think of solutions to it
> for a while now. I've got nothing. If we go with your calendar idea
> I'd like to see several more people added with access to the calendar.
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> Elizabeth Bevilacqua
> http://www.princessleia.com
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