[Ubuntu PA] Ubuntu karaoke shindig, anyone?

brent timothy saner brent.saner at gmail.com
Thu Jun 12 02:31:17 BST 2008

Brian Stempin wrote:
> There's a place called Westy's in CC that I've been to a few times that
> does kareoke pretty regularly.
> But seriously -- what the crack is with the fascination with my
> singing?  Some important facts:
> 1.  No one has *ever* heard me sing...ever...
> 2.  Shaina Twain  wishes she was as awesome as I am.  Since she isn't,
> she had to take up a singing career.
> 3.  If someone (be it me or someone else) Rick 'Rolls the entire bar,
> EVERYONE better buy them a drink....or 2.

1. this will change, plz
2. probably. plus, she feels like a woman. that may have some bearing.
3. YES. and they should get an ubuntu bumper sticker or case badge or
something, just to make it official.

c'mon, bstempi and i cannot be the ONLY ones interested in this. let's
hear from the central PA folks! any karaoke bars out there?

brent saner.
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