[Ubuntu PA] Ubuntu karaoke shindig, anyone?

Brian Stempin brian.stempin at gmail.com
Thu Jun 12 02:25:58 BST 2008

There's a place called Westy's in CC that I've been to a few times that does
kareoke pretty regularly.

But seriously -- what the crack is with the fascination with my singing?
Some important facts:

1.  No one has *ever* heard me sing...ever...
2.  Shaina Twain  wishes she was as awesome as I am.  Since she isn't, she
had to take up a singing career.
3.  If someone (be it me or someone else) Rick 'Rolls the entire bar,
EVERYONE better buy them a drink....or 2.

On Wed, Jun 11, 2008 at 9:17 PM, brent timothy saner <brent.saner at gmail.com>

> so we've tossed this idea around on freenode:#ubuntu-us-pa a fair amount.
> how many would be interested in an outing to a karaoke bar?
> i only know of two- one in Lansdale (Mariano's Tavern, on Broad st.) and
> the Gravel Pike Inn (on, if memory serves me correctly, Gravel Pike) but
> these are both eastern pa.
> mostly, we want bstempi to become inebriated and sing some songs for us.
> preferably shania twain songs, or miley cyrus, or what have you.
> i'll buy a drink for the first person who rick-rolls the entire bar via
> karaoke!
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> brent saner.
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