[Ubuntu PA] Ubuntu karaoke shindig, anyone?

brent timothy saner brent.saner at gmail.com
Thu Jun 12 02:17:33 BST 2008

so we've tossed this idea around on freenode:#ubuntu-us-pa a fair amount.

how many would be interested in an outing to a karaoke bar?

i only know of two- one in Lansdale (Mariano's Tavern, on Broad st.) and
the Gravel Pike Inn (on, if memory serves me correctly, Gravel Pike) but
these are both eastern pa.

mostly, we want bstempi to become inebriated and sing some songs for us.
preferably shania twain songs, or miley cyrus, or what have you.

i'll buy a drink for the first person who rick-rolls the entire bar via

brent saner.
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