[Ubuntu PA] questions about OSS usage at NTR

Jim Fisher pechterbread at yahoo.com
Sun Jul 20 17:59:30 BST 2008

1. Compatibility with peer-owned software is limited....

   Lyz addressed th Open Office issue well, and I 
   apologize for not mentioning that while at NTR.
   I have set my wife's OO and some of her peers as
   well, for their online classes at Montgomery 
   Community College and it works seamlessly with
   the MS based requirements.  The only issue has
   been with Office 2008 and the funky XML, but
   there are work-arounds for that also.

   Beyond OFFICE / Open Office there are similar
   and compatible software choices in Linux 
   to handle most situations.  I will name a few
   as examples:
   Photoshop / Gimp   Itunes / Amarok
   Picassa / F-Spot   and so on..

2. With limited peer use of linux, ....

   That's why Ubuntu started the LoCo concept.
   Local Community Support.  In the Philadelphia
   area I would say that the virtual community 
   has great support.  While it is true that 
   cousin freddy or neighbor joe, that people go
   to for often misguided advice, are far more
   accessible than Linux Lou; do you really 
   want that kind of support?

   Educating users where to go for help and 
   advice or at least providing this info at 
   sale time would help.

3. Knowledge & support in NTR is currently

   My time there has shown that while that 
   may be true, willingness and desire is there.

   There just hasn't been enough time for a 
   structured class style instruction period.

   We have done it in the past, but during open
   hours when the classes couldn't be attended
   consistently by the 'main' employees.  

   If we (LoCo) and Ntr can come up with a time
   that an Ubuntu Class or Classes could be given
   to the staff during non-open NTR hours, I feel
   that at least the core employees can become
   familiar enough to begin to feel comfortable
   with Linux.

4. Software Modems.

   Serial external modems.  Pcmcia Modems.  If
   we can't get, we'll die trying.   :)

   Shucks, we got the sound working on those NTR

jim fisher

irc freenode  #ubuntu-us-pa

"Do, or do not. There is no 'try.'"
  --  Jedi Master Yoda 

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