[Ubuntu PA] UbuntuPennsylvania.org

Elizabeth Bevilacqua lyz at ubuntu.com
Thu Jul 17 04:18:06 BST 2008

Hey folks!

Long anticipated, our new website is now up with a new domain name
over at UbuntuPennsylvania.org.

Ace is still allowing us use of MeetLinux.com (so the old site
forwards to the new), but we moved forward with buying this new name
so we had one fully under our control to use moving forward.

The Gallery still needs to be re-indexed (on my todo list), but the
planet is up and running and the wordpress blog has been migrated as
best as our abilities would allow.

I'll be giving out administrative access back to those who had it
before very soon. And I realize the wordpress blog itself needs some
links added and other stuff, but it's all in the works.

And thanks to Brent, Molly and Alex for their help getting this to where it is!

Finally, we're using the Ubuntu packages for WordPress, Gallery2 and
Planet, so we're hoping to avoid any issues we had on the told server
with unpatched software versions. And now that I have all these
installed I think I'll be writing some bug reports, Debian/Ubuntu
really could use some help with the packaging of webapps... :)



Elizabeth Bevilacqua

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