[Ubuntu PA] looking to trade project Macbook for Linux laptop

Rick Valenzuela rick at rickv.com
Wed Jul 9 20:07:59 BST 2008

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I'm posting this to the CHLUG, PLUG, Ubuntu PA team, so I apologize if
you've already seen this once or twice.

I was referred here by a member; I'm interested in trading a Linux-based
laptop for my 13" Macbook.

My predicament is that it has a cracked LCD; I've been meaning to do
that repair myself but it has always been on the backburner, and now I
find myself suddenly about to move to another country and without the
time to do that repair. I had sourced the part to be about $200-$250
shipped; otherwise, it's a nice machine:  13.3" white Macbook, 2 Ghz
Intel Core Duo, 1GB RAM, 80GB HD, CD/DVD burner. I got it in December
2006 from Apple, and I'm the original owner. There has been some major
reports about this model; notably Engadget had a story about Seagate
hard drives with a fatal defect, and plenty of stories about the
keyboard case cracking where your wrists would rest. This computer had
both those problems, and they were both replaced by Apple. And actually,
nothing was written to the new hard drive till last night when I created
a new user to double check the processor specs. =)

What I'm looking for is a decent laptop that I could set up as an
all-open-source machine that I could use for reporting on the road.
Ideally it would be running Gimp, Ardour and Cinelerra, and could
connect wirelessly to the Internet. CD/DVD drive would be nice, but
burning would be a luxury. I just really need something that's capable,
preferably fast, and probably less financially painful to lose than the
new Macbook I work on now. It would be a combination travel/backup
computer and journalism experiment in open source.

If anyone is interested, please contact me.

Rick Valenzuela

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