[Ubuntu PA] NTR Laptop Project: organizing and planning

Kevin Valentine kevin.valentine at gmail.com
Tue Feb 26 22:58:36 GMT 2008

Went to NTR today with only 45 minutes to burn.  I wanted to organize what
we left behind on Saturday.  Wasn't too bad.  As I suspected the 8 laptops
that are ready for the thrift shop still need a little more work.  At least
one of them, an IBM Thinkpad, didn't have a caddy for its hard drive so its
drive was just floating off its connector.  I didn't get to check all of
them but I suspect there could be a few more like this.  Some of them
had 128 and 256MB of RAM.  I'd like to spread that others that only have

I organized our designated laptop cubbies before they got out of control.
 One of the cubbies had a stack of laptops that were next in the queue to
receive DSL drives.  I put 5 of those (all Compaqs) on the table next to our
imaging system.  The white Compaqs power up and attempt to go into Win95.
 Didn't get to touch the brown Compaqs.  Back to the cubbies again ... I was
able to put most
similar together.  I'm also trying to gather all laptops that we are
certain to have power supplies, usually ones with AC connectors.

On Saturday some of the drives failed to accept the DSL image.  Seemed to
get throught partitioning and formatting but the copying would fail.
 Holding the drives up to my ear, it sounded like they had powered off.
 They were 700mA drives so it makes sense.  Today I tried supplying an
external supply voltage instead of using the USB supply.  I imaged the 2
that I believe were faulty.  Worked perfectly this time.  I'll try it with a
few more the next time I'm there.

I'll post some pics later.

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