[Ubuntu PA] NTR Laptop Project: meet at laptop room on Feb 23rd, noon

Kevin Valentine kevin.valentine at gmail.com
Sun Feb 24 16:20:42 GMT 2008

Based on feedback from the group yesterday, I've added a new wiki page
for performing semi-automated DSL installations to the laptops at NTR. 
Check it out here:

This is also linked from the main NTR Linux Laptop Project page in the
Project Overview section:

I put the DSL hard drive installation at the bottom because most people
won't be concerned with that yet.  Jim and I are still debugging it
anyway.  Until it's a bit more user friendly, we may be the only ones
running it for a while.  The source code should get into a public
repository some time this week.  From that point on, I'm betting it will
get cleaned up a lot.


Kevin Valentine wrote:
> Quick summary of how things went today:
> * we now have 8 laptops that are ready for the thrift shop
> * the imaging script is working great.  worked on at least 15 drives
> * we have a new stack of sorted laptops that "should" work but
> need drives with DSL
> * thanks to everyone that showed up and kicked
> butt: Jim, Randy, John, Jack, and Molly
> For the 8 laptops that are done, I
> think they need to be briefly looked over again before going to the thrift store.  Some may not have their stickers with the specs yet.  Some have a ton of ram installed.  Might want to pass portions of that onto other laptops.
> More details later...
> -kevin

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