[Ubuntu PA] Linux Laptop Project has a PC for imaging

Kevin Valentine kevin.valentine at gmail.com
Fri Feb 22 20:20:03 GMT 2008

OK, I finally was able to dedicate a PC to our laptop refurbishing
cause.  It's not pretty but it works quite well for the task of imaging
DSL to drives.  It doesn't have a network card or a CD drive but it also
should need them.  Zoe's daycare center was closed today so she stayed
with me as I pieced this together.  Here's a pic of her helping.  I
think she's providing a vertical compression stress test:

Later, I thought it would be nice to bolt on a chrome shed handled to
the top of the case.  It's possible we'll be tossing this box all around
the room.  Here's a pic of it with the handle and powered on with the
new grub splash image.

Oh yeah, if you didn't get it from the stickers, this box is running the
command line only version of Ubuntu.  The python script doesn't have a
GUI so it doesn't matter yet.  When it gets a GUI later, I'll install a
lightweight WM or just go with a kiosk style approach and only run the
GUI in X.

Presently, this setup only has one USB to IDE adapter.  Later, I will
add at least four more since the USB 2.0 host controller supports up to
5.  It's not completely necessary at this point but eventually Jim and I
want to have multiple drives being imaged simultaneously.  That's mostly
to show the people at NTR that it can be done.  I think power
consumption may end up being our only limitation.  Each 2.5" drives
takes 500 to 750 mA.  Each USB connection maxes out at 500mA.  May need
to modify a booster cable.

I posted the source code to the script a few days ago.  I plan to try
out the 'bazaar' software repository on launchpad in a few days so that
others can contribute too.  Thanks for that suggestion Alex.  I totally
forgot bazaar existed.  I also plan to post my code that automates CD
burning on the Sony XL1B for LoCo install-fests.

See you tomorrow at noon.


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