[Ubuntu PA] NTR Laptop Project: need volunteers

Kevin Valentine kevin.valentine at gmail.com
Fri Feb 1 03:49:19 GMT 2008

I plan to be at NTR on Saturday around 1:30pm -ish.  I'm waiting on the
word from Stan to see if anyone will be there to let me in.  I know it's
short notice but let me know if any of you think you might be able to
make it.  My plan for that day:
  * start gutting those Dells to create a handful of good ones
  * find hard disks and caddies for us to use, either Stan's stash or
out of dead laptops
  * find more power supplies for the IBMs

I'll be bringing whatever I can cram in my backpack: tools, spare parts,
static mat, and soldering iron.  I'll report back here if the time works
with Stan.


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