[Ubuntu PA] receiving fax

Alex Gretlein gretlein at gmail.com
Mon Sep 24 00:07:59 BST 2007

This is just a rough starting point. One way to test the modem is by opening
the efax-gtk program and clicking "Standby." It will attempt to receive
faxes. If the phone line is unavailable to it it spews out continuous red
error messages.

To send faxes from files they have to be in postscript format. From the man

Printing to file from the program itself
       Probably  the  simplest  way of using the program with a word
processor is to print to file from the print
       dialog of the word processor program concerned, and choosing a file
name  in  the  $HOME/faxout  directory
       which  can  then  be selected with the file selector dialog in
efax-gtk.  All Unix/Linux word and document
       processing programs will print to file in Postscript format, ready to
be faxed by efax-gtk.  (At least, if
       there is one which does not, I do not know of it).

You might also want to read the whole man page. (Run "man efax-gtk" in the
terminal.) Some of it is technical, but there's also plenty of clearly
written information like the above quote. I don't have a phone line
convenient for testing this right now, but I hope that helps.
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