[Ubuntu PA] Philly & SE PA: September 22, MythTV Seminar

Kevin Valentine kevin.valentine at gmail.com
Sun Sep 23 12:21:30 BST 2007

Elizabeth Bevilacqua wrote:
> I took a few photos, just tossed them up on the gallery:
> http://gallery.meetlinux.com/main.php?g2_itemId=288
Hey, no pics of me in there?  And I only got there an hour late ;)  I
was hoping others could have see the expression on my face when I got a
free tuner card from one of the builders.  I think he said he was give
two by the company when he told him he was going to this presentation. 
I was going to come in as a builder but the only thing I was lacking was
a tuner.  Here's the site for this HD-5500 tuner card:

There was a lot of general stuff I didn't know.  Primarily that HDTV is
mostly a terrestrial broadcast as UHF.  I haven't had cable for almost a
decade.  I thought HDTV broadcasts were limited to on cable viewers. 
Turns out it's mostly the other way around.

Awesome presentation.


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