[Ubuntu PA] IRC Meeting September 19, 2007

Elizabeth Bevilacqua lyz at ubuntu.com
Thu Sep 20 18:01:14 BST 2007

On 9/20/07, Matt Mossholder <matt at mossholder.com> wrote:
> > I've been bitten by upgrading to Gutsy already!
> >
> Add to the list that evolution seems crashy in Gutsy, causing me to double post :)

Hehe :)

I'm on Gutsy now too, an unplanned upgrade after I was silly and
grabbed some gtk stuff from gutsy to make my scanner work and made
everything blow up when I restarted xorg after a security updated.
Oops. It's scary, usually I'm the last one to upgrade to the new

BTW everyone - I post meeting notes so people stay informed AND so you
can pipe up with other suggestions. Not everyone can hop on IRC for
the meetings so discussion on list and in the forums is very much
welcome. So anyone with thoughts about getting Pittsburgh going or SFD
stuff - feel free to speak up!

Elizabeth Bevilacqua

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