[Ubuntu PA] Ubuntu Certified Professional?

silvertip257 silvertip257 at gmail.com
Fri Sep 14 12:45:43 BST 2007

Interesting, hmm didn't know about the LPI cert exams - and there's 3
I'd be interested in knowing more about the UCP program, too.
I've heard about the ComTIA Linux+ cert exam - is that ever worth taking?

I'm leery of taking a distro specific cert exam (say UCP), only because it
doesn't mean I'd be certified to work on say RedHat systems or Suse
systems.  Maybe employers won't look on that certification as "I" only know
Ubuntu and not RHL and other systems.  I guess any Unix/Linux experience is
a hell of a lot better than someone without - I don't think the industry's
employers are that strict.

Is it good to take generalized certification exams or more specific ones?

I'm going to say more general and broader ones because that supplies the
foundation for employers to go train you the employee to be an expert on
their distro or system.

I got my A+ from CompTIA, and plan on getting my Net+ and probably Server+.
I think Linux deserves a spot in certifications, so help me out if ya know
anything more about Linux certs than I do (you probably do know more than

Opinions please.  ;)
I'm jumping in for the ride on this one Matt - Thanks for bringing it up.


On 9/13/07, Matt Mossholder <matt at mossholder.com> wrote:
> Has anyone on the list taken UCP yet? I just took (and passed, woo hoo!)
> the LPIC1 exams. Now I am interested in doing UCP, but it seems there
> isn't much content on test prep out there...
>      Any help/pointers would be appreciated!
>                 --Matt
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