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Elizabeth Bevilacqua lyz at ubuntu.com
Wed Sep 12 18:22:09 BST 2007

I won't be able to attend (the 29th is my birthday and I'll be out!),
but I want to encourage one or more of us to speak up about this.

First off, the official word from Canonical is that they actively
discourage use of non-trivial amounts money money LoCo teams. If money
becomes a significant issue it's time to re-evaluate your groups goals
and work to get back to the volunteer grassroots.

Our team abides by these conditions.

In fact, most of the events we're taking part in (such as the work
with MALT and NTR) are done entirely without money, and many of our
other events are done in collaboration with existing groups in the
area. This team is a glorious example of the way LoCo teams can be
productive, spread Ubuntu and helpful to their communities through
volunteer work that doesn't require the team to file for some sort of
non-profit status (which is a very intensive process with mountains of
paperwork, IRS entanglements and far too many expenses).

So it'd be nice if someone from the team was there to represent us and
possibly inspire other groups, show it's very possible to run a LoCo
team on a very slim budget (pretty much just the cost of CDRs and
printing fliers - both of which the US Team are looking for solutions


- Lyz/pleia2, who is a Mentor in the US Teams Mentoring project and
has been in the thick of this whole stressful debate over money and
liability :(

On 9/12/07, Bret Fledderjohn <freelancer317 at gmail.com> wrote:
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> From: Aaron Toponce <aaron.toponce at gmail.com>
> Date: 12 Sep 2007 10:13
> Subject: [Ubuntu-US] US Teams Mentoring Project IRC Metting
> To: US LoCo Teams <ubuntu-us at lists.ubuntu.com>, "Ubuntu local community team
> (LoCo) contacts" < loco-contacts at lists.ubuntu.com>
> The topic for the next IRC meeting for the US Teams Mentoring Project is
> tentatively scheduled for Sept 29th, 16:00 UTC.  Keep an eye on this
> list, and #ubuntu-us for possible changes.  This meeting will be held in
> a fashion similar to Education week, and the CC meetings.
> #ubuntu-us will be moderated during the meeting, giving voice only to
> the mentors of the project, a few key LoCo leaders and the person who
> has a concern.  In order to voice your concern, you must include your
> name/nick and concern on
> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/USTeams/MeetingAgenda.
>  Those listed on that list will have their concern or question addressed
> in the meeting, and they will be voiced giving them a chance to present
> and argue their points.  The points and concerns will be met with open
> minds, and a willingness to discuss and address them in a professional
> manner.
> There will be a separate channel, #ubuntu-us-discussion, where
> discussion about the meeting itself will take place.  This will be a
> sacrificial channel, at which when the meeting ends, so does
>  #ubuntu-us-discussion, and all US Teams related LoCo chat will continue
> in #ubuntu-us or #ubuntu-locoteams.
> Now is the time to weigh in your voice concerning tax exemption,
> financial funding and legal liability concerns.  This is a hot topic at
> the moment, and I would like to see anyone and everyone's input on this
> matter.  Of course, this discussion extends past just US Teams, to LoCos
> in general, as we have seen it on both mailing lists.
> Please forward this mail to your respective LoCo mailing lists to get
> the word out.
> Until then, let's keep our energy focused on building our LoCo team,
> documentation, member recruiting, community events and general LoCo
> advocacy.
> Thanks,
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Elizabeth Bevilacqua

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