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Jim Fisher pechterbread at yahoo.com
Sun Sep 2 14:47:26 BST 2007

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The next NTR training session is Monday September 17th
10am to 12 Noon.



for more info and directions.

This group is more advanced as they already have a
keen interest in computers. Being part of NTR allows
them to be great advocates.

Our role with NTR is similar to MALT but with an
advanced student.

We need to make them comfortable with offering Ubuntu
or any Linux distribution as a viable alternative to
Windows or Mac.

The install class went well. I think that they were
all impressed with the ease of the Ubuntu 7.04
install, both off the Live cd and the alternate
install disk.

Our next objective was to review the update and
synaptic procedures. These were touched briefly at the
end, but are such a strong selling point that they
need to be re-emphasized.

Also, we wanted to show them the various (and
numerous) avenues of support within the linux

So even if you can't attend, please be ready to help
in the irc chat room. We are going to promote the
forums and chat as some of the main places for help if
they need it.

As always, feel free to attend. The more the merrier.

Jim Fisher (Jedijf)
irc - freenode #ubuntu-pennsylvania
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