[Ubuntu PA] Fwd: Full Circle Magazine needs your articles!

Jim Fisher pechterbread at yahoo.com
Tue Oct 30 13:08:16 GMT 2007

Hey, if anyone is interested:

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> Date: Mon, 29 Oct 2007 19:50:06 -0700
> From: "Full Circle Magazine "
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> Subject: Full Circle Magazine needs your articles!
> To: jedijf at yahoo.com
> Full Circle is a community project - we couldn't
> have gotten started without the community and we
> can't survive without your help, either.  It's that
> time of year again (OK, we weren't around last year,
> but you know what I mean :D) -
> Full Circle needs your articles.  We don't have any
> material for our future issues yet, so we need you,
> the readers and contributors, to help us fill the
> magazine with great, exciting content.  We're on the
> lookout for how-to articles, Windows to Ubuntu
> (transition) stories, screenshots of your desktop
> (with description), software and hardware reviews,
> and many other things.  
> If you have an article you would like us to use,
> please read our guidelines (if you haven't already)
> and email your article to
> articles at fullcirclemagazine.org
> We use all the articles we get. So don't think it'll
> go in the bin - it won't! And we have proof-readers
> who can polish up your article, so don't be shy
> about your grammar or spelling.
> Again, a big thanks goes out to everybody who reads
> and helps out with Full Circle.  We wouldn't exist
> without you!
> -- The Full Circle team
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