[Ubuntu PA] Install-fest saturday -- plans?

Kevin Valentine kevin.valentine at gmail.com
Thu May 31 18:41:19 BST 2007

Alex Launi wrote:
> Do we still need my AP for WPA testing?
Yes, I still think you should bring all three if you can.  I wasn't able
to make it down to NTR yet this week.  Maybe tomorrow if my schedule
goes ok.

> We should have case stickers by Saturday. System76 is graciously
> overnighting them to us. Their shipment was late and came around 4:30
> pm today so they should be in my mailbox Friday at
> some point.
JoeT gave me 52 stickers, 20 pamphlets, and a phat banner (loaner) when
I met with him at PACS after his presentation.

> What about a presentation, do we have something to project
> on the wall during the install? Is this something someone needs to make?
> Are we just going to project Joe's presentation? Has he agreed to
> narrate again? I know Stan/the NTR crew have a projector and screen so
> let's utilize that even if we just show the screencast iso on loop or
> something simple like that.
A presentation may be overkill for now.  It's a good idea though.  Let's
save that for a future install-fest.  I got your screencast.iso and
popped 15 CDs into the burner system.  It will be done with the
burn/verification in 72 minutes.  Just enough time to run some errands
with baby Zoë.


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