[Ubuntu PA] Phactory space for our group

Kevin Valentine kevin.valentine at gmail.com
Wed May 23 23:17:01 BST 2007

Have any of you ever heard of the Phactory project?  It's being run by
Michael Simmons.  I tried contacting him about a year and a half back
but he never got back to me.  I soon forgot about it.  Just recently I
was digging around in some old emails and I rediscovered the Phactory. 
It's seems like it's still active just not moving all that fast.  Hard
to tell though, they may just be too busy to talk about it.  Anyway,
here's their site on yahoo groups:

I just sent him an email asking if our group could some space reserved
for our needs.  The ultimate, long-term goal to get something like
freegeek.com started there.  What do you think?


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