[Ubuntu PA] Girls Inc disk images

Kevin Valentine kevin.valentine at gmail.com
Thu Jun 7 13:37:56 BST 2007

Jim Fisher wrote:
> Kev,
> Anxiously awaiting YOUR report on how last night went
> at MALT.
> Hope everything went well.
> Jim Fisher
> Jedijf
Hi Jim,

Things didn't go exactly as planned but there was progress.  Greg was
supposed to bring 9 hard drives from the PCs at Girls Inc so I could
image to them directly.  What I found instead were 5 whole PCs.  I
didn't think it was that big of an issue though, just pull the drives
and image them.  Turns out the reason they brought the full PCs there
was so they could train their volunteers on how to install Windows.  No
biggie, I'm flexible.

The night went like this: the first 15 minutes of me trying to figure
out what they were planning, 30 minutes to do a disk-to-disk image, 15
minutes to test that image on another PC.  I think it was between 9:30
and 9:45 when the volunteers finished installing Windows.  They had a
huge setback in the beginning when they found that all of their Windows
install CDs were burned wrong.  So that was good, they got to see how to
install Windows ... just in time for me to pave over it with our image ;-)

I walked through some new plans with Terri and Greg:

 1) Between tonight and Friday morning, Terri is installing some
additional software onto the Windows partition of one PC.  That machine
will be considered the "master" PC.

 2) I am going to the CVG classroom on Friday between 8am and 10am to do
a disk-to-disk imaging for all 6 PCs.  It takes about a 1/2 hour to
run.  It will take about 2.5 hours to do all of them.

 3) I will also do a bit-to-bit raw image of the whole drive.  The size
will be approximately 10GB.  It will be stored on one of my own drives
and one of the CVG's.

 4) While at Girls Inc, one or two of us will be imaging the drives of
the 4 remaining PCs during the discussion.  Not great but it seems to be
the only thing we can do at this time.

Hope my lists aren't too annoying.  It's the only way I can keep things
straight some times.


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