[Ubuntu PA] Girls Inc disk images

Kevin Valentine kevin.valentine at gmail.com
Wed Jun 6 01:07:42 BST 2007

OK, different topic.  I'm trying to setup a disk image of the Girls Inc
PC that I have.  I've heard of a few suggestions from people at the
install-fest and the forums.  I've used g4u in the past but I'm looking
for something a bit more user friendly for the volunteers at the CVG on
Wednesday night.

So far, it seems that Ben's suggestion of using the Helix CD is the best
one.  I've also seen a link to the SystemRescueCD from the PartImage
home page.  My only concern with using PartImage from either CD is that
its support for ntfs is still experimental.  Any of you have experience
using it with ntfs partitions?

g4u was great about copying the MBR.  I believe PartImage has to use dd
for this as a separate command.  Is there any other friendly app I can
user for imaging?  Perhaps a nice front end to dd?


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