[Ubuntu PA] Fwd: Re: Event: Girls Inc grub info

Kevin Valentine kevin.valentine at gmail.com
Mon Jun 4 13:36:53 BST 2007

I understand that we can change the menu.lst file.  I do it all the time
too :-)  The problem is that for every kernel upgrade, your fancy custom
menu.lst file goes back to the default config.  There's got to be a way
around this.

Yep, I want to get rid of those lines too.  I don't even want the
recovery mode (single user) line in there.

Try it for yourself.  Edit your menut.lst file then add or remove a
kernel from Synaptic.  From what I've seen, the next time these girls
get an upgraded kernel they're menu will look like crap.  Any of you
following this post, please confirm for yourself what I'm talking
about.  I could be very wrong.  I'll be happy to say I'm retarded and
call it a day.

As for the mail client, Alex said in the chat last night that he's been
using a mail client since he was 8 years old.  I agree with you Jim but
it seems that Alex has more insight as to what these kooky kids are into
these days :-)  I've taken off 100MB worth of Evolution and added
Thunderbird.  Geesh, mail clients?  What next rock and roll?  Kids are
out of control!

The shared partition already has an icon to it on the desktop.  Terri
requested that it be called 'shared'.  I'll make sure firefox uses it as
the default download location.

Just read your other message.  I took gnumeric and abiword off.  You
guys are right, OO is more than enough.  Here's what I've done with
software so far:

removed software:
  ekiga (13MB)
  evolution (saved 102MB)

added software:
  frozen bubble

attempted to install:
  chromium (slow, needs dri)
  stellarium (really slow and killed X session)
  achilles (bogged down the system)
  lincity (same deal as stellarium)


Jim Fisher wrote:
> kev -
> never used them myself - just change .lst when
> necessary
> so i would simply comment out the kernels-memtest-etc.
> anything that i didn't want displayed and move windows
> up to the default and rock and roll.
> windows
> ubu kernel
> ubu single user
> maybe 3 options at boot
> as far as the sudo question - i agree with alex-
> exploration/breaking things is the key to learning -
> let them play freely 
> delete all mail clients - web mail is all they need
> create a dir called my_files or something like that on
> the fat32 part -auto mount it - have it on the desktop
> and have them store everything there - they can break
> that directory down further as they wish - music
> photos etc -set up firefox to download everything to
> the fat32 storage area - 
> jedijf
> jim yoda
> jedijf
> jim fisher

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