[Ubuntu PA] Install-fest saturday -- plans?

Kevin Valentine kevin.valentine at gmail.com
Sat Jun 2 01:46:51 BST 2007

Hi guys,

I was at NTR a few hours ago.  Things are looking good.  We'll have to
cancel the continuous video with the overhead projector.  The screen he
had was busted up a bit and there was no way to setup it up without
burning a few hours.

The network looks ok.  He has three, long cat5 cables going to both
sides of the room.  I helped him find and connect three net switches
(only 10Mbps) to the ends to each of those lines.  I didn't get to test
all three or run short lengths from the switch to each station.  We'll
have to do that tomorrow morning.  Still not that big of a deal
considering since we don't need network access for most of the install
anyway.  Worst case is we have to fish a long cable to each PC to
configure/test it's connection and get updates from Alex's server.

Alex, are you still bringing the server and the 3 WAPs?  You may have
confirmed this already, I forget :-)  If they have ports on them,
perhaps we'll swap yours in place of Stan's switches.

I'll stop in on irc in a bit to check on any more issues.


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