[Ubuntu PA] [Project] Girls Inc date shifted to June 9th

Kevin Valentine kevin.valentine at gmail.com
Fri Jun 1 04:26:28 BST 2007

Kevin Valentine wrote:
> Thanks for the feedback Lyz.
> I'll get more info on the following:
>  * age ranges of the girls
>  * PC specs (greg didn't have them when I talked with him yesterday)
>  * possibility of installing ubu at install-fest
>  * are there newspaper contacts
I just got more info...
Good news!  About 5 girls are supposed to show up.
Age ranges of the girls: 12 to 15 years old.
This should help us decide what software to install.

Attached is a PDF I got from Terri that contains a lot of detailed info
on the PC hardware.  To summarize:
  * 1.7GHz P4
  * 256MB RAM
  * 20GB HD
  * NVidia Vanta display adapter (can this support compiz / beryl?)

Windows 2K is installed with an NTFS partition.  Looks like we can split
the drive down the middle and use straight Ubuntu for the other half. 
The memory is a bit low.  Perhaps we can scrape together an extra 256MB
for each PC.  We'll see what type of mem it uses on Saturday.

One of these ten PCs will be brought to the install-fest on Saturday. 
I'm still not clear on who is bringing it.  It may be me.  I'll find out
tomorrow when I speak with Terri again.

Don't know about the newspaper contacts yet.  I think Greg is sorting
that out.

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