[Ubuntu PA] Looking for training resources & suggestions

Art Alexion art.alexion at verizon.net
Mon Dec 10 18:23:16 GMT 2007

I am planning to teach a Linux for Beginners course sometime in the next 
couple of months through my non-profit employer.  My company is a large 
decentralized non-profit social services agency.  Some of our programs are 
cash strapped, and Linux could be a strategy for saving money, not just on 
software, but as a way to get more years out of hardware as well.  In 
addition, this may help individual employees.

Anyway the course is geared toward people with a reasonable amount of user 
experience — not tech people but not new-to-computers.

Do you know of any Ubuntu resources that I can draw on?  I am looking for 
suggestions from people who have done this before, lesson plans, as well 
stuff to distribute, like CDs, stickers and other trinkets, if available.

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