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Fri Aug 10 12:09:10 BST 2007

Alex Gretlein,

Thanks for the response.  I caught it right before I go on vacation (and umm
my relatives only have 56k, so I won't check any email, etc while I'm
there!!!)  leaving in a few hours

I may try a minimal debian install - I never really thought about it - how
much hard drive space would that take up?  Bad thing is I like some features
of DSL, but I can easily replicate them if I choose options just like DSL
for debian.

I have a disk for the debian netinstall of 3.1 R4 (Sarge?).  Too bad it's a
testing release.  I need to keep the bulk down on this one b/c of the
processor/hardware, etc.  Pure debian would probably be the best sol'n.
Although DSL runs so nicely.  I will have to kill gnome on debian and
replace it with the ever so light fluxbox.  Then I might have some ease in
getting the extra pkgs.

- no server install b/c it needs a GUI / X windows to display pictures
- my install was a <hard drive install>, but the grub options were tagged
with _frugal_ for some reason, which seemed to be fine
- local pictures on the disk
- web interface isn't something I want to build for one machine, but if
you've got ideas that may actually be the best option (^_^)
- IP cannot be set static (I know the adv, but I can't set it up for just @
- this could easily travel with me to work where I absolutely cannot set up
port forwarding and would not want to do that with DynDNS.

Thanks for the response.
Any ideas and help is greatly appreciated.
I hope to kick this  project out after vacation in a few weeks before fall
classes start!!!

~~ Mike

On 8/10/07, Alex Gretlein <gretlein at gmail.com> wrote:
> On 8/7/07, silvertip257 <silvertip257 at gmail.com> wrote:
> > Please join me in troubleshooting my issues / goals for this project.
> > - slideshow/transitioning pictures = using feh
> > - hide mouse (optional) = using unclutter
> > - remote admin = want freenx (ssh) for remote gui
> > - easy picture loading = run samba to allow even Win users to add
> > - get Cisco Aironet 352 working = my own problem b/c modules seem to be
> > there
> > - fix DSL /etc/fstab; by default it auto-creates on every bootup = I
> need it
> > static, but it never mounts my changes in /etc/fstab
> > - make a script for torsmo to display external ip = my own mission/I'm
> > almost there!
> > - make DSL send me/owner an email when either/both internal and external
> ip
> > changes
> >
> I'm just gonna say in advance that I love DSL, but why not just start
> with a basic Debian install, or even an Ubuntu server install. You'll
> probably have less headaches. The Aironet cards seem to work out of
> the box with DSL (I think). But WPA doesn't. When you say that your
> changes to fstab don't persist, is this with saved settings and a CD
> boot, or with a frugal install, or with a hard drive install? Are the
> pictures going to be stored on the machine or on a network share? If
> they're local could (s)ftp be a better option - perhaps through a web
> interface for the less tech-savvy? Why worry about the ip address
> changes (I'm guessing for maintenance)? I would think if it's a
> concern, you might consider a static local address, and a free DynDNS
> domain. That's my 1.5 cents.
> You're probably on vacation - enjoy. Good luck with the project. I
> hope you'll write up what actually works for you. I'm especially
> interested in how the hardware part goes.
> Alex Gretlein
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