[Ubuntu PA] digital picture frame w/ DSL

Alex Gretlein gretlein at gmail.com
Fri Aug 10 08:59:24 BST 2007

On 8/7/07, silvertip257 <silvertip257 at gmail.com> wrote:
> Please join me in troubleshooting my issues / goals for this project.
> - slideshow/transitioning pictures = using feh
> - hide mouse (optional) = using unclutter
> - remote admin = want freenx (ssh) for remote gui
> - easy picture loading = run samba to allow even Win users to add
> - get Cisco Aironet 352 working = my own problem b/c modules seem to be
> there
> - fix DSL /etc/fstab; by default it auto-creates on every bootup = I need it
> static, but it never mounts my changes in /etc/fstab
> - make a script for torsmo to display external ip = my own mission/I'm
> almost there!
> - make DSL send me/owner an email when either/both internal and external ip
> changes

I'm just gonna say in advance that I love DSL, but why not just start
with a basic Debian install, or even an Ubuntu server install. You'll
probably have less headaches. The Aironet cards seem to work out of
the box with DSL (I think). But WPA doesn't. When you say that your
changes to fstab don't persist, is this with saved settings and a CD
boot, or with a frugal install, or with a hard drive install? Are the
pictures going to be stored on the machine or on a network share? If
they're local could (s)ftp be a better option - perhaps through a web
interface for the less tech-savvy? Why worry about the ip address
changes (I'm guessing for maintenance)? I would think if it's a
concern, you might consider a static local address, and a free DynDNS
domain. That's my 1.5 cents.

You're probably on vacation - enjoy. Good luck with the project. I
hope you'll write up what actually works for you. I'm especially
interested in how the hardware part goes.

Alex Gretlein

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