[Ubuntu PA] digital picture frame w/ DSL

silvertip257 silvertip257 at gmail.com
Tue Aug 7 17:01:05 BST 2007

Please join me in troubleshooting my issues / goals for this project.

Due to the requirements of my project and specs of the machine(s), I was not
able to use Ubuntu.
But I chose another Debian-based alternative known for it's speed --
DamnSmallLinux; DSL 3.4 to be exact.

This is mainly a call for help, well sorta.  I'm really busy until the end
of this week and then I go on vacation for a few days.  FYI.

I've been trying to use an old Dell CPi D300XT to make a picture frame.
Things are going slow - the DSL isn't configured the way I want it yet, so
the laptop is still whole.

HW Specs:
300 MHz PII
256 MB RAM
100 MB PCMCIA card w/ dongle
Cisco Aironet 352 wifi card (out of a PCI card)
1024x768 capable LCD panel monitor
NeoMagic 2160

Intel Mobile 440BX PCIset
Parallel port, (2) serial ports, (2) PS/2 ports, touch pad, diskette drive,
Fast IR, RTC

SpecSheet from Dell (for more info):

Now that I've given you an idea of what I'm working with, I'll give you a
run down of what I'd like to do.

- slideshow/transitioning pictures = using feh
- hide mouse (optional) = using unclutter
- remote admin = want freenx (ssh) for remote gui
- easy picture loading = run samba to allow even Win users to add
- get Cisco Aironet 352 working = my own problem b/c modules seem to be
- fix DSL /etc/fstab; by default it auto-creates on every bootup = I need it
static, but it never mounts my changes in /etc/fstab
- make a script for torsmo to display external ip = my own mission/I'm
almost there!
- make DSL send me/owner an email when either/both internal and external ip

>> I hope I'm not forgetting anything and thanks for reading.  I have
finally really made a post to this list!!!  heh

Thanks and if anyone has 2 or 3 cents they'd like to add, please do!
I'd like to make a digital pict frame for myself, but don't have any old
laptops and shops around here want people to not only pay to dispose, but
pay to acquire old laptops and whatnot.  I can understand that, sorta -  it
helps the bottom line.  b/c I can break stuff too easily or have it be
incompatible w/ any Linux, I'm not willing to buy old laptops that would
..otherwise.. be thrown out.

Guess I'm stubborn and frugal, but that's me - please don't judge me too
much on that!
~~ Mike

PS:  I think it's one of the Alex's that's gonna shoot me for having not
ASCII chars in my sig below.  Hopefully I'll change it sometime here - when
I find good replacement chars that is.
// S¡£√єяŦ¡ρ²57  //
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