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Fri Aug 3 02:39:52 BST 2007

This post/mailing will make me seem rather newbish, but that's my risk!

I've been in the process of installing software and planning for modifying
the hardware of a laptop to make a digital picture frame.

I'm working with Damn Small Linux 3.4, only because it will 1) install on an
old 300MHz machine [plenty to slide-show pics] and 2) actually run decent on
the archaic hardware.  I have issues with a) the shrill PCMCIA beeps on
detection of cards in the slots, b) mounting of the /etc/fstab [once I turn
off auto-creation with the grub "nofstab" line], c) torsmo displaying the
usage of a partition that needs to be mounted by /etc/fstab on bootup, d) I
added a password to the VNC server on my DSL and now I have no icons on my
remote connection + it's not real time on the screen.  These are the more
critical items that I need to complete before the pict frame can go into
minimal operation.

Since DSL is based on Knoppix, it has Debian lineage, but of course there
are quirks -- is that what I've found?

If anyone has ideas or information to add to this, I'd definitely accept
contributions and try anything that's proposed.

Eventually my hope is to put together a nice how-to for configuring DSL for
a fancy, easy to use digital picture frame that all users (Win/Mac/Linux)
can use and administer.  My plan is to have VNCserver, SSH, Samba (or
anything better for that matter), and of course email alerts about IP
changes (internal and external IPs).  Any other ideas are welcome, but I
admit I must prioritize at least VNC and SSH over all other bells and

Thanks for your time reading the large, overly informative mailing!

~~ Mike
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