[Ubuntu Oregon] Salem Ubuntu Hour.

Phil N philn at delfinomicro.com
Fri Aug 18 19:53:10 UTC 2017

Our regularly scheduled Salem Ubuntu Hour will be taking place today
Friday, August 18th.
Regardless of the Solar Eclipse casting a shadow over Salem in 3 days,
don't let the shadow keep you from attending this evening's
festivities. Ubuntu Hour starts at 6:00PM this evening and last until
7:00ish, and takes place at Broadway Coffeehouse, located at 1300 Broadway
St NE, in Salem. This event is for anyone interested in GNU/Linux
distributions, and FOSS software, including Stellarium, which runs great on

I'll attend this evening, if anything else, just to see how many eclipies
have arrived.. This could be a prelude to an invasion from the Moon... they
came from Luna.

Ciao for now
Phil. N

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