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Wed Sep 10 21:48:16 UTC 2014

Oh, you would say that!  :)

That's a fine time by me, but I have a previous commitment tomorrow night.  Might show up late, but I don't know.

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</div>I appreciate everyone's insights on the website. I see that the value
of the website would be making it possible to put content that doesn't
necessarily fit the LoCo Portal's template. It would also be a quick
and easy way for us to let people know about us and the various
locations we are on the web. I don't think that this is really
essential for us to have to be a group, but one for us to grow as a

That being said, being the newbie here (the only one crazy enough to
offer to be the team leader?!), I would say that the bigger issue is
making the activities in our group clear to everyone (so far I only
know of the Salem meetings, but there MUST be something else going on,
at least LUGs that Ubuntu Oregon members show up at) and knowing one
another. In other words, uniting as a group.

With that in mind, I feel IRC meetings are essential. I would move to
do them in the evening so that I don't get distracted by work. 7:30pm
on Thursday? We could start tomorrow :)


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