What can we improve on the LoCo Website?

Nathan Williams nathan at nathanewilliams.com
Thu Mar 8 04:33:05 UTC 2012

On 03/06/2012 06:22 PM, Benjamin Kerensa wrote:
> I had a look at the Ubuntu Oregon Google Analytics data for last month 
> today and notice we received 8,222 unique hits last month which is 
> 8,222 potential Ubuntu Users or existing users who sought out 
> information on Ubuntu Oregon.
> In a effort to grow our ranks here in Oregon I want to do everything 
> possible to make sure we are reaching as many Oregonians as possible 
> through every venue available to us especially on the web. One thing I 
> think needs improvement is our site could use prominent placement of 
> widgets or links to our social media pages so we can grow our 
> followers in those crucial areas.
> I'm asking for input on any changes you might think we need to make to 
> improve our chances of increasing participation statewide!
> Here is a screenshot from Google Analytics:
> http://i.imgur.com/Tg6A6.png
> Notably we are getting visits from almost every college in the state 
> and a handful of K-12 school districts and of course all the major 
> tech companies.
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> Benjamin Kerensa                          "I am what I am because
> Team Lead, Ubuntu Oregon                  of who we all are." - Ubuntu
> bkerensa at ubuntu.com
> http://ubuntu-oregon.org

Great question, Ben!

I think we need to work more on pointing people to the excellent 
existing resources and introductory materials that exist. There's a LOT 
of really good documentation that's been produced, but newcomers can 
have a hard time finding it.

this is our community, we know it very well, and part of the purpose of 
a LoCo is to be a signpost for those just realizing that we exist.

I'd suggest that we focus on the following areas:

  - introductory materials (who/what is Ubuntu, where/how can i get/use it)
  - learning more ( software exploration, community (news, activities, 
social stuff), documentation )
  - dealing with problems (where to get help, how to ask good 
questions,  how to troubleshoot)
  - contributing ( promotion (events), testing, support (irc/askubuntu), 
documentation (doc-squad, wiki, forum, tutorials), ideas (blueprints))

i'm not suggesting that we produce the documentation, there would be no 
point, as it already exists. I do think that providing an index of the 
best available resources in each of these areas would be a great way to 
attract people to Ubuntu Oregon, while providing a needed service to the 


Nathan Williams

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