[Ubuntu Oregon] UbOr Flyer addendum

James Bradley jim at oregoncanoesport.com
Tue Jun 26 01:04:35 UTC 2012

After Thomas' inquiry, I realized a little more explanation of what's
needed might help.

First off, none of this is set in stone. Everything to date is just a
proposal. We do have a rather immediate deadline, so we can't linger,
but changes are certainly on the table. If you have an idea, or a good
photo of Ubuntu Oregon in action, please share.

Just like many pairs of eyes make bugs shallow, they help to find copy
errors like grammar problems, or a sentence that's just plain hard to
read. I particularly need help with that and with ideas to flesh out the
"Ubuntu for ~" section. I can probably fill in the "Business" section,
though I welcome input, but I could use help identifying compelling
aspects for school and home use.

The philosophy behind the flier is basically one of promoting Ubuntu
Oregon and Ubuntu along with it. The front of this tri-fold brochure is
devoted to a FAB-style, (feature, advantage, benefit), presentation on
Ubuntu Oregon. The back promotes Ubuntu and I chose categories I thought
would provide a wide range of relevance to the uninitiated. Again, I
look to fill the categories with FABs. To put it another way, the front
is for those already with clue, the back, not so much.

If you're not familiar with FABs, they are an approach to persuading a
person on the basis of how a particular feature of a product or service
provides an advantage that benefits the person. An example: Feature -
Ubuntu LTS releases have 5-year support :: Advantage - Your system is
kept secure and performing its best :: Benefit - Peace of mind and
maximum productivity.

Often, for marketing copy you can drop the advantage and just write,
"Ubuntu LTS releases have 5-year support, giving you peace of mind and
maximum productivity." You kind of lose the logic and have to rely on
the reader subconsciously filling in the advantage, but we're
conditioned to do that by today's media. Another way to look at it is:
the feature is the thing, the advantage is what it does, and the benefit
is the warm-and-fuzzies you get from it all. You can detect a pattern
like that in most sales, marketing, promotional and political pitches.

Finally, just so it's clear, the layout of the front page is just rough
and will be evened up when the copy is finalized. But we need copy, good
photos, and any spare good ideas you might have floating around. So,
Feature - you give us quality input :: Advantage - We get a broader
perspective and pithy insights :: Benefit - Ubuntu Oregon flourishes,
you feel better about yourself,  and more free beer!

Okay, I made that last one up.


P. S. Technical types tend to be more feature and advantage oriented,
less persuaded by benefits than other personalities. We tend to weigh
the facts more, while most personalities really just want to know
"what's in it for me?" Our approach tends to drive salesmen batty. Just
so you know. They try not to let on.

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