Anyone else tried KDE lately?

Nathan Williams nathan at
Fri Jan 20 17:42:15 UTC 2012


So.. I got that masochistic feeling again, and decided to try playing around 
with Arch this week (don't shoot!). In the process of setting up a desktop, I 
realized that all of my DE adventures lately have been centered around 
Openbox, Gnome, and Unity. 

I loathe e17, am undecided on tiling wm's, and hadn't tried KDE in ~4 yrs, so 
I decided to give it a shake, and ya know, I have to say that I am very 
impressed! After some fiddling, the "Activities" concept is pretty cool, and 
I'm particularly keen on this "Show a launcher for ${X} application when it is 
not running" feature. :)

I may just have to take back everything I'd previously said about KDE...

So... anyone else using/used KDE recently, and have some thoughts on it? Any 
cool features I might be missing?


Nathan W

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