Results of LoCo Council Meeting

Benjamin Kerensa bkerensa at
Tue Jan 17 21:10:05 UTC 2012

Hello Everyone,

For those who were unable to attend today's LoCo Council meeting in 
regards to our application for approval. I regret to inform you that the 
Ubuntu LoCo Council decided to decline our application for approval. The 
LoCo Council cited a lack of "history" for their reason for voting 
against our approval and although I think I explained the lack of 
documentation I do think that the reasons provided and the mailing list 
archives were significant enough to make that not a concern.

I shared my feedback that I feel the LoCo Council lacks a clear 
definition of what expectations they have for approving a LoCo and one 
Council member assured me they would be working on clarifying this 
during their term. I hope that we can change their minds in six months 
and just continue to do what were doing because like I said we do not 
exist as a LoCo for the purpose of seeking acknowledgement from a 
council but instead we exist because we advocate for Ubuntu and Free 
Open Source Software.

Benjamin Kerensa
Team Lead, Ubuntu Oregon

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