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Benjamin Kerensa bkerensa at gmail.com
Tue Feb 21 22:57:18 UTC 2012

On 02/21/2012 01:19 PM, Cody Smith wrote:
> On 02/20/2012 07:54 PM, Benjamin Kerensa wrote:
>> I was informed that we are now fully approved to use the space at 
>> FreeGeek for our Global Jam so I will be reaching out to our contact 
>> their to see what time we can start arriving but it is schedule to be 
>> all-day.
>> https://www.google.com/calendar/b/0/render?eid=bTVhNGdocWVoZ2hjYWpiaWtrbzhsZWt1aTggdjEyYTYzOG4wdGxiYWx1NDIzaGFkdms2bWNAZw&ctz=America/Los_Angeles&pli=1&gsessionid=LEBFWad3jx3AIAoufBtUSQ&sf=true&output=xml 
>> <https://www.google.com/calendar/b/0/render?eid=bTVhNGdocWVoZ2hjYWpiaWtrbzhsZWt1aTggdjEyYTYzOG4wdGxiYWx1NDIzaGFkdms2bWNAZw&ctz=America/Los_Angeles&pli=1&gsessionid=LEBFWad3jx3AIAoufBtUSQ&sf=true&output=xml>
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> So, being as some of us have over an hours worth of driving, would it 
> be acceptable to come when we can and leave when we have to? that 
> question is being because of the fact that it is an all day event.
> --Cody Smith
The event will be from 10:00am to roughly 7-8pm and yes attendees can 
come when they are available and leave when they must. I will likely 
post a sign with my cell number on the door shortly after the event 
starts for those who arrive later so they can get in.

Benjamin Kerensa
bkerensa at gmail.com

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