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On 09/27/2011 10:57 AM, Benjamin Kerensa wrote:
> Hi Guys & Gals,
> Since we do not have a consensus on a date and time.... I was hoping to
> open up feedback via the mailing list and see what will work best for a
> majority.
> Notably, I think it might be worth considering doing the release party a
> week or two after the release so we have more flexibility in sorting out
> a day and a venue since PuppetLabs will not always have openings.
> If anyone else has any other venue suggestions that might donate space
> for us to hold the event for a few hours that would also be greatly
> appreciated.

aside from doing it a week or two after the release date (who says we
need to celebrate it the minute it comes out?) I still recommend doing
it on a Saturday or Sunday, as. like I said, most of us have jobs or
school or both, and weekends are when the most of us are free for that
type of stuff. I don't live in Portland, so I can't offer any places
THERE for this, but I could call up a coffee shop and see if we could
swing this there if people can make it from Portland to Salem (I know
Salem is a heck of a lot easier to navigate than Portland is, but can
still be confusing, but this Coffee shop is right on a bus route, if
only the Cherriots buses were running on Weekends, I'd have an easier
time getting around Salem on Weekends) but all that aside, it would be
to everyone's benefit to make this a weekend event.

Hopefully this info helps to plan SOMETHING out. we'll see.

- --Cody Smith
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