A general heads up.

James Bradley jim at oregoncanoesport.com
Sat Oct 22 19:02:31 UTC 2011

Recent articles regarding UEFI and Windows 8 suggest the problem of the 
former blocking Linux bootloader installation is a matter that will 
appear at the introduction of the latter. That is not the case. It is on 
Win 7 machines and blocking GRUB installation now.

My friend recently got an HP s5-1110 with Win 7 installed. UEFI has 
prevented the installation of GRUB on this machine. I could find no way 
in the BIOS to disable the feature and so far, as I work my way up the 
HP tech support ladder, I have found no HP techs who have a clue what 
I'm talking about.

Just a heads up and a possible topic for discussion at the party. Of 
course, if anyone has more information on this issue, I'd be glad to 
hear from you.


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