Ubuntu Membership

Benjamin Kerensa bkerensa at gmail.com
Thu Oct 13 02:12:08 UTC 2011

Hello Everyone,

I will be applying for Ubuntu Membership in the very near future and I'm 
hoping to gather a few more testimonial's of my contributions to the 
Ubuntu Community on a International and LoCo (Local) level. I look 
forward to continuing my contributions to our LoCo and to various other 
endeavors throughout the Ubuntu Community.

My Wiki is located at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/bkerensa if you would like 
to add a Testimonial it is greatly appreciated otherwise you can also 
e-mail me a testimonial if you are unfamiliar with Wiki markup.

Thanks in advance!

*Benjamin* /Kerensa///
Team Lead, Ubuntu Oregon LoCo
bkerensa at ubuntu-oregon.org | www.ubuntu-oregon.org

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