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Mon Oct 3 20:47:39 UTC 2011

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I'm looking to organize a Salem Ubuntu Hour for those who are
interested. the details about this kind of event are found here:

I'm aiming for Wednesdays in the early evening (around 4PM) but this
is negotiable, anyone interested can come, but would either have to
have an Ubuntu logo sticker on their laptop if they bring any, or an
Ubuntu logo on their shirt, or both. this is as per the Ubuntu Hour
requirements. and the venue may vary, but it would likely be either at
the Salem Public Library or the Broadway Commons Coffeehouse, the
Coffeehouse requires you to purchase something from them to do this
there. both of these venues are sitting on bus routes, so those
without other transportation can easily get there. the bus actually
stop at the Library, and the Coffeehouse is just a block from a bus
stop, depend which stop you get off at. anyone is welcome to come so
long as they make sure they fulfill the requirements set by the wiki.
let me know if there is a better time I could aim for or you have any
suggestions for venues. this is an informal gathering just to hang out
and discuss Ubuntu and Linux in general.

Also, Ethan, I heard from Ben that you are trying to revive the Salem
LUG, if there is anyway I can help, I will do my best to. just shoot
me an Email or catch me on IRC to discuss this. I am hoping I could be
of at least some help with the Salem LUG. my Email is
cody.smith9202 at so let me know if there is any way I can help.

- --Cody Smith
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