Debian Dinner

Benjamin Kerensa bkerensa at
Thu Nov 17 16:19:46 UTC 2011

Hello Everyone,

So tonight I'm going to the Debian Dinner out in Southeast Portland at a 
Thai Restaurant and I'm hoping that after tonight I might be able to 
align Ubuntu Hour's with the same time the monthly Debian Dinner's occur 
which seems to be the trend in other major metro areas like San 
Francisco and other cities. In anycase they meet once a month and 
coincidentally a number of the Debian people happen to have worked or 
currently work at Canonical and do development on Ubuntu and for Debian.

I believe tonight they have a pretty well known Debian Dev who has 
written a handful of books so I look forward to meeting with these 
Debian guys and discussing the possibility of doing stuff within the 
same day which makes it more convenient for Debian people to also check 
out our events.

In any case I will discuss this more on Nov 27th at 7pm which is our 
next scheduled IRC meeting on #Ubuntu-us-or and as always I encourage 
all LoCo participants to show up for that meeting especially if you are 
not a regular on IRC. Don't forget that you can access IRC via without any need of installing a client!

Benjamin Kerensa
Team Lead, Ubuntu Oregon LoCo
bkerensa at |

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